IT Community Message - 1/23/2020

Hello UCI IT Community,

Just checking in as I've promised myself I'd try to be visible and vocal about what I'm doing across our environment at least once a month as I come to speed.

I have to say that it's a really big operation here at UCI, and I'm spending a lot of time moving around to the different buildings, campuses, and centers. Averaging about 12K steps per day. If you've seen me you've probably heard me joke about my office being my backpack, and there is definitely some truth in that.

I continue to get a warm welcome from across the UCI community. By now I've met with every leader including all the VCs, VPs, Deans, many AVCs/AVPs and the CoHS and health system leadership. Everyone has been great, sharing the history of the campus, the major initiatives we have going on & the hopes we have for our brilliant future. It's all good.

Just a short list of some of the higher-profile things I've been spending time with all of you on (off top of my head at 9pm, so forgive me for what I miss):

  • Getting a plan for a better support structure for College of Health Sciences
  • Scott Joslyn and I were able to attend the UCI Health retreat
  • Many of you have been involved with me on the creation of the Health Informatics Platform to support research & innovation
  • Getting data (more) accessible for our researchers - heard a lot of complaints in the listening tour
  • Looking at the possibility of justifying a major network upgrade for UCI in support of research & better WiFi (amen!)
  • Discussing how we might move forward on SIS
  • Supporting 3rd party relationships over at Beall Applied Innovation
  • And, what the heck does my office need to be doing in the first place

I've also been trying to figure out how to start ramping up the communications and build a stronger IT community across all aspects of UCI. Here's what I've been able to get on the calendar so far:

  • "Meet up" coffees with distributed IT teams
  • Sessions with "Leading Organizational Change" participants

Still trying to figure out Zoom sessions - "Give me 15" short video format. Also exploring a podcast option

Needless to say, it is busy for me - but that's the same for you.

It's all good, and I don't want to lose sight of the great opportunity we have to elevate where we play in conversations on the future plans for the campus and health system. We have great leaders in place and unparalleled access to UCI leaders. Let's figure out how to maximize it.

Look forward to meet-ups to hear your ideas