Work Reimagined 2.0

At UCI, we are creating innovations every day, and this initiative seeks to support and encourage these efforts. As part of Work Reimagined 2.0, every UCI employee is encouraged and empowered to voice ideas that will boost efficiencies in their department, unit, or school.

In broad terms, the campaign includes ideas that drive:

  • Dollars Saved: Identify ways to reduce the cost of getting things done, without sacrificing the quality or the services that support them.
  • Costs Avoided: Prevent unnecessary spending by leveraging best practices or implementing tools that are already deployed across the university.
  • Time Saved: Suggest ways to automate tasks, simplify processes, use data analytics or leverage technology.
  • Revenue Generated: New ways to create and generate income for the campus.

Case Studies and Success Stories

WRI 2.0 Core Team

Tom Andriola
Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Data
Chief Digital Officer

Kian Colestock
Associate Vice Chancellor
CIO, Office of Information Technology

Katherine Hills
Senior Director of Communications

Saroj Sharma
Executive Director

Success Stories
  • Enrollment Management Analytics - 7.75 hrs saved per report
  • Teams Phone - $500,000 saved
  • I-20 Processsing - 75% reduction in time
  • Zotforce - $300,000 saved
  • Adaptive - 6.5 days saved for each month-end close
  • ServiceNow - work throughput improvements


How to Get Involved

lightbulbs, Peter Anteaters, pencils and coins along a flowing path

Bright People, Brilliant Solutions 

We believe no-one knows UCI's individual schools and departments better than those who work here. It's time to unleash that spirit of innovation to identify and realize more opportunities. 

To submit an idea, visit Bright People, Brilliant Solutions (BPBS) and look for the Work Reimagined 2.0 Channel. The Channel is open for all ideas. Throughout the next several years, various Work Reimagined 2.0 campaigns - which ask for ideas and solutions to specific, more narrowly defined issues - will be opened for participation. Regardless of whether or not any specific Work Reimagined 2.0 campaign is running, the Work Reimagined 2.0 Channel will always be open for the submission of ideas.

Every idea you submit will be reviewed by the Work Reimagined 2.0 team. Some ideas may be moved more immediately to a further stage for consideration, others for implementation, some for future consideration, but regardless, every idea will be thoughtfully reviewed, categorized, and archived within the Bright People, Brilliant Solutions system. Check back often in BPBS to review the status of ideas you submit, and to comment and collaborate on submissions from your colleagues.


Resource Library

To help inspire and foster your ideas, we've developed a resource library for UCI employees, with tools like:

  • Organizational Assessments
  • Process Assessment, Improvements, and Redesign
  • Change Management Guidance and Support
  • Technology Assessments and Implementations
  • Exploration and Implementation of AI tools
  • Workforce Training