IT Community Message - 9/9/2020

As we prepare to start the fall term (which Medical and Law schools have already begun), it is imperative for all of us to find a balance of continuing to do necessary work in support of the mission at this amazing institution, and living with the realities of a COVID-19-present world. So much of this work has been done between spring and fall terms to understand, prepare, and now start back into normal activities – even if they are modified. There will be instruction; there will be research; there will be housing & dining. Amidst it all, our IT community will be there to support it in the responsive, service-oriented way we always have. 

But as we continue forward, there is the ever-present potential that the COVID-19 virus may come to us, our co-workers, our families. I myself have been tested, and I have one child who has had and recovered from the virus. This is now a common story through our communities and networks. 

The important thing for all of us is to know what we should do when there is a positive case in our world. UCI and its leaders have gone to incredible lengths to organize and plan for the support to be there for students, patients, faculty and staff. However, we have seen that it is not always first-nature to know what to do, so we will continue to communicate to our community where they can go for information, resources and support in the event of a positive case.

I highly recommend everyone click the links and review the information in the campus message below. Your may find a little preparation goes a long way when confronted with the situation. 

Thanks, happy fall, and looking forward to a great new academic year together.



UCI Office of the Associate Chancellor

September 3, 2020

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Vice Chancellors, Deans, Associate Chancellors



Dear colleagues:

As some students, faculty, other academic appointees, and staff begin returning to campus, the well-being of our UCI community is of utmost concern. Therefore, we want to ensure that everyone has clear instructions on what to do should a COVID-19 case arise.

Here is a link to a new document entitled What To Do When a COVID Case Occurs. These instructions are a printable flyer that should be posted throughout your workspace. The key message is to call the Coronavirus Response Center at x49918 (949.824.9918) for guidance on what to do when a COVID-19 case arises. 

To report a case, faculty, other academic appointees, and staff should use COVID-19 Reporting Website and students should contact Student Health Center. 

Additional materials and communications emphasizing the use of x49918 are forthcoming.

Please forward this ZotMail to everyone in your school/administrative unit to ensure that when a COVID case occurs on campus, we act quickly, consistently, and effectively.


Ramona Agrela
Associate Chancellor and Chief Human Resources Executive

Diane K. O’Dowd
Vice Provost Academic Personnel


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